Sunday, June 18, 2017

Module 5

Module 5 Geoprocessing in ArcGis

Module 5 introduced the very useful concepts of working with Geoprocessing tools, creating models, and utilizing scripts within ArcGIS. The assignment for this week consisted of creating a toolbox, creating a tool using  ModelBuilder, export a script from ModelBuilder, creating a model-derived script to work outside of ArcMap, and creating a script tool. 

The most useful tool I found was the ability to first create a Model using ModelBuilder in ArcMap and then exporting the model into a script. The script will need several adjustments before it can be ran properly, but using the visual aid of ModelBuilder can help assist in creating a text based script.

Flow chart of ModelBuilder that removes "Not prime farmland"
from the clipped soil shapefile.
The first assignment was creating a model in ModelBuilder. The Clip Tool, Select Tool, and the Erase Tool were utilized. Utilizing these three tools clipped one shapefile into another then selected all soils that did not meet the criteria using a SQL expression. The erased tool was then used to remove the items from the shapefile.

The tool was then exported to a Python script. Several small changes needed to be made in order for the script to run properly. The script was then made into a script tool within ArcToolbox.
Final Result Featured "Not prime farmland" Removed

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